These were the words spoken to me by the then British opposition leader and future PM, David Cameron, back in 2009.  Well he was right.   Austerity and Brexit were to come.

A bit of context.

It was a typical overcast English summer’s day in Birmingham.   It was the first day of the Ashes cricket test between Australia and England.  Typically, it was raining . The umpires had gone out to inspect the pitch.  Most people were at the bar because play was going to be a little while off.   After the inspection the ground announcer advised that the umpires would return for another pitch inspection in a few hours.   The crowd weren’t pleased.   It was wet but not that wet.

David Cameron was enjoying his summer break with a friend and was sitting nearby.  As I walked by him on the way to get a beer for my client I stopped and said “David, surely you have some influence here”.   With beer in hand, and a wry smile he said “mate, when I’m in charge it’s going to be very different”.

It is!  The UK is leaving the EU.  Another election has been called with a view to wiping out whatever resistance the Labour Party would offer to the type of Brexit it will be.


  • Donald Trump is in the White House.
  • The US has launched missiles at Syria.
  • Inequality and private debt continue to grow throughout the Western world.
  • The US and its allies are at the cusp of a major war with North Korea with large numbers of Russian and Chinese troops and military hardware amassing on the borders.
  • Nearly 22% of the French electorate have just voted for Marine Le Pen in the first round of the Presidential elections in the aftermath of another terrorist attack in Paris.

These are interesting times.

What he failed to say was “mate, wait until I’m not in charge again… It’s going to be a whole lot more different”.


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