The Reasonably Angry Man podcast is a forum for discussion of contemporary economic and social issues.

This podcast explores the issues of today’s global problems through the eyes of the reasonably angry man, who wonders what can be done about them

Across the world we are seeing a rise in populist politics and increasing nationalism in the face of the challenges of globalism, technological change, violent conflicts and seismic shifts in economic power. Our world also faces huge environmental issues.

Reasonably Angry Man Podcast

The Arab spring, Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump are just a few examples of outcomes that have revealed pent-up anger in society.  Political movements on both the left and the right have sought to harness this anger.

The name derives from the “reasonable man”. The man once described as the man on the Clapham Omnibus, the hypothetical ordinary and reasonable person used by courts in English law, to decide whether a party has acted as a reasonable person would.

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